PasJel Pasjel Stretch Mark Cream

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Stretch Marks are irritating, annoying and embarrassing, it usually occur when the connective tissue is stretched due to the extreme expansion and contraction of skin.

PasJel PasJel Stretch Marks &Pregnancy Scar Removal Cream

Pasjel Cream Is The Amazing SOLUTION To Easily Get Rid Of STRETCH & SCAR MARKS on your precious body.

Do you know you can be totally FREE of that annoying STRETCH MARKS ?

PasJel Stretch Mark Skin Treatment Cream brings back your normal smooth skin, it removes stretch marks, dead pimples spots, surgical scar, burn marks, wound spots, wrinkles line, and whitening pregnancy scar.

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Product Description

Stretch marks formation is mainly affected by hormones during pregnancy, the abdomen of the skin of the elastic fibers and collagen fibers because of the pull force under different degree of damage and fracture, thinning of the skin and abdominal wall skin can appear some size is different, different length of pink or purple wavy pattern. After delivery, the pattern will gradually disappear, leaving the white or silver luster scar lines, stretch marks

Product efficacy: desalinates the formation of stretch marks, promote cell regeneration, increase the elastic fiber, effectively repair necrotic tissue, stretch marks, such as obesity, the growth lines, improve skin texture and color. Promote metabolism and blood circulation, improve skin elasticity and firmness, restore skin elasticity, high nourish skin, make skin more smooth and white, texture nourishes not greasy, make the skin rapid absorption, can immediately put on clothes after operation.

Applicable skin: the legs, abdominal pregnancy lines red blood silk skin, caused by obesity fat grain.

Method of use: 1 to 2 times daily, smear evenly on the areas such as the abdomen, thighs, hips, and massage until absorption in loop. Recommended daily use effect more


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