5 Reasons Why People Masturbate

Ever wondered why people masturbate? Oh you just frowned at the mention of it right? But is masturbation all that bad? Let’s see a few reason why people Masturbate.

I’ve had some cool time with friends, they make it known that there is nothing wrong with sexually exciting oneself, after all it’s your genitals right? See reasons why people masturbate below:

Top 5 Reasons Why People Masturbate

1. People Masturbate to Relief Sex Tension

This is one of the most notable reason why people masturbate. Just recently, series of comments on Nkechi Bianze’s wall revealed that most of the people that masturbate actually do this because they were unable to enjoy their last sexual encounter or are sex starved.

So give themselves the ultimate pleasure and ease the tension, they masturbate.


2. People Masturbate To Relief Stress and Relax their Nerves


Among the 100 people interviewed recently, over 42 people made it known that masturbation provides a cheaper way of relieving stress as well as provides a way to relax from stress.

Does this however mean that those who don’t find the act worthy aren’t that relaxed?

Well, let’s see the next reason!


3. People Masturbate To Achieve Sexual Pleasure


I’ll agree with this point. A lot of people who masturbate actually do so because they’ve not been able to get satisfaction from their partner.

This however, calls on all lovers to pay more attention to the level of satisfaction they offer their partner during copulation.

As for me, I’m going to learn more ways to help my lady reach orgasm. Lol.


4. People Masturbate To Master the Act


For someone that currently sulk at sex, the next point of call is exciting oneself in the act. Its funny though cos a greater number of people feel masturbation will offer them the ability to improve in their bedmatic skills.

So if you’re looking for the reasons why people masturbate, I bet this is one of the most unbelievable reason. But you know, individual differences also plays a part in all


5. Do you Know Masturbation is Believed to be a Sex Aid?


Another funny reason why people masturbate is because they assume the act will help them fall asleep.

Guess what!

Masturbation has the ability of awakening the Oliver twist in every human. The more you masturbate, the more your body wants it.

This means the sleep you think will come with masturbation won’t be there after all.

Well, these are 5 reasons why people masturbate. There are a lot of reasons out there, but we will take a pause at these for now.

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