Categories Of Guys You Will Meet In The Gym House

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Categories of guys in my gym.

Group one: The luku luku.
They literally undress ladies with their eyes.
All they do is to sit in strategic positions and watch women’s behind as they work out.
Some of them are so shameless that they make it so obvious they are watching.
This makes some ladies so uncomfortable and they start grumbling.
Some other ladies seem to enjoy being watched🤷‍♂️

Group two: The Mr nice guys.
All they do is try to be flirty or friendly with as many females who indulge them.
They buy you water or smoothie without you asking.
They are quick to offer to help video or snap you as you work out.
If you want to go live on your IG or Fb, they don’t mind holding your phone for you while you work out live on social media.
They also don’t mind laying down on the floor to get a perfect picture angle for you.
They are such passionate photographers😏

Group three: These ones are clueless and extremely lazy.
They just sit one place and be chatting or pressing their phone, taking pictures, watching TV or other gym users.
They can’t lift anything properly.
They can’t last up to 10 minutes on the treadmill.
Ordinary skipping or jumping jack they will be breathing like they fell from a 4 storey building.
Hallelujah if they manage to complete 5 sit-up.

Group four: Ndị nkuzi.
Teachers wey dey teach for free.
These ones na oversabi go kee them.
They are everywhere correcting ladies.

They be like:
“Hi, that’s not how to use that, wait let me show you.
“Hey, bend lower if you want to get better results, look let me show you.”
Hey, that water is too cold for you.”
“Hi, that dumbbell is too heavy for you, let me get you a smaller one.”
“Hey, I notice you like to lift heavy stuff, try join the aerobics class, it’s good too.”

Sometimes their interference/unsolicited lectures comes in handy I must say, especially when the instructors are too busy with others and you need someone to quickly put you through.

Group five: The dancers.
These ones know all the trending dance moves in the world and don’t hesitate to show off whenever their favourite songs starts playing.

They are fun sha.

Group six: Na show off go kee these ones oh.
Once they enter the gym they will ‘off’ their shirts so that we will be seeing their 6 packs and muscles.
Very vain men.

Group seven: The noise makers.
This group of guys are unnecessarily too loud.
If a song they like starts playing, they will sing louder than the speakers.
They no even get better singing voice sef.

When working out they will be screamin, ahh! ohh! umm! hoo! haa! yoo! eyiii! Etc.

Bloody irritants!😡

Group eight: These ones their mouth is always moving.
If they are not distracting those seriously working out with one conversation or the other, they are chewing bubble gum, or drinking water, smoothie, lemonade or energy drink.

Group nine: These ones are constantly asking females if they are feeling pains, then they immediately offer to massage you if you make the mistake of admitting that your joints or any part of your body is aching.

They walk up to you and be like:
“Well done, you are doing great, keep it up.
So how are you feeling?
Oh your back hurts?
Aww, sorry dear, your body will adjust soon, don’t worry.
Hold on let me get a mat so you’ll lay down, I’ll massage you”.

In my head I’ll be like:
Excuse me satan, stay far away from me.
Holy ghost fire!!!😔

©Mmiliaku Genevieve

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