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Marriage For Us Is TeamWork

SAN DEE has this lovely Message to share with us kindly Read Below…. I got married to my course mate and we started with nothing perse. But before we took the level to marriage,we had to plan and save to some extent. Marriage for us is teamwork. In my home,there is no man or woman

Passionate Parenting Is A Goal

Passionate Parenting How desirous are you, trying to ensure your kids do not repeat the same mistakes you made? Oh yes!!! How often do you seat all by yourself and reflect on your past? Have you tried recognizing where you got it wrong? How you got it wrong? And what you got wrong in your

Space In Marriage A Good Or A Bad Idea?

Space In Relationship And Marriage. Space is allowing the fellow his independent mind and sanity and not fuss certain pressure down his or her throat. The problem is once people hear space ,they think is allow him or her space to double date…. Crap!!!! Allowing spousal space enhances the development of individual capacity…which adversely tilts