Cooking Is Not Gender Sensitive, Cooking Is A Life Saving Skill

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Cooking: The ability to use your hands to put raw ingredients into a pot in the right quantity, appropriately timed and in the right mix to get an edible, nutritious and hopefully palatable meal out of it.

Cooking is not gender sensitive. Cooking is not a tool for oppression.

Cooking is not a prerequisite for marrying a girl. Cooking is a life skill. You learn to cook just like you learn to take a bath, make your bed, learn your alphabets and generally equip yourself to live a qualitative life.

Learn to cook. We do not use genitalia to cook. We use hands and the food doesn’t care if it’s male or female hands. No one should ask my daughters if they can cook as a requirement for marriage. They know how to cook. I taught them to cook so they can take care of themselves and not to attract ill-trained male adults unable to care for themselves.

My son knows how to cook at age 12. I’m not worried about hunger turning him to a woman wrapper. He knows how to cook because hunger does gnaw at his innards because he is human and humans have to eat and so should know how to assuage the hunger without waiting on a girl.

I’ve equipped them for their survival. Try and equip yours for a better world. This is a public service announcement. Be the change You seek, it begins with you and I. We can join hands amd make the world a better place.¬†If you love food, you should also love cooking it. If you can not do without food then you should not see cooking it as a burden or the duty of a particular gender.
Cooking is a universal thing and some people are billionaires just because of their culinary skills….

Dear African men who thinks or believes that cooking is a sole responsibility of a woman, and therefore that if a man cooks, his manliness will depreciate or that he will be less African, there is nothing UnAfrican about cooking. Drop your barbaric and archaic African mentality and move along with the clime. Don’t be left behind, the world is globally evolving and human thinking and reasoning is a key factor to economic, social and every aspect of growth that you see. So if you are stuck with your obsolete mentality, you are definitely of no use to the society.

Surprise your wife with your new recipe, impress your children with your new delicacy, cook if need be, help your wife in the kitchen, it will not remove your name from the book of Africans. it is little things that really matters in life. Help change the world!!..

Dear African mothers, teach your sons how to cook, encourage them to be good cooks, you never know if they will be great chefs tomorrow. Teach him not to enslave someone’s daughter in the near future just because he is African and therefore should not cook, teach him how to be responsible husband and the world’s best daddy.

It begins with you mothers, start now when they are young, there is nothing wrong with your son cooking for the whole family while your daughter fetches water from the stream, there should be no stereotypes in chores. Move along with the change and help save the world!!.

Ego has never helped anyone, it doesn’t put food on the table and it has never yielded any positive result of any kind….


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