Every Body Deserves To Be Respected

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Too much play: So,Your brother brought home a woman he want to marry,You joined hands with some members of your family to create a hostile environment for her. You make the life of someone’s daughter miserable simply because your brother want to marry her. Expecting her to be a door mat by which you all walk on and she should be seen and not heard all in the name of testing if she is a good wife. You are mad! All of you are actually mad.

If I go to a family to marry their daughter,I’ll expect them to respect me. I’ll not expect them to order me around and behave appallingly without any form of resistance from me. I’ll expect them to know that I have feelings and I can get angry and have a real go at anyone that becomes more stupid than normal. Yet,You think that it is reasonable to insult a woman simply because she was about to be married into your family? That’s madness.
I have daughters,someday they will grow up and get married. Let me see the goat that will try such foolishness in the name of ‘testing’ how good they are. You have issues? Tell your brother. You have no right whatsoever to make someone’s child miserable because she is being married into your family.
Marriage is not a do or die affair.
We are raising children who don’t see marriage as an escape route but a love affair between two people that understands each other Girls that will grow into women that you dare not speak rubbish to them without getting yours back in equal measure.
Respect is a two way thing,I respect you,You also respect me. She respect you,You also respect her. She keeps to your boundaries,You also keep to her boundaries. That’s not hard to understand surely. Things could be easy if people mind their business and stick to their wives,husbands rather than attempting a dangerous overlapping into another person’s private life. .

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