Every Child Deserves To Know What Contraceptives Are And Used For.

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Every child deserves to know what contraceptives are and used for.

As they grow and are becoming conscious of their genitals, make it a duty to consciously introduce sex education to them.

Even as you teach them morals and the need to abstain, also teach them measures and importance of protections too.

Not every child will abstain no matter how devoted Christians their parents are and have soaked them in the word.

You will be deceiving yourselves to think the word is enough or other corrective measures you can employ.

Teach them what condoms are. Tell them their benefits.

Truth is, parents tend to discredit contraceptives alot, they made it feel like it is evil. Even teachers and the society frowns at it so much that if found on a teen, they feel the child is lost.

No, l have seen a teenager own condoms in her bag and l respect her. Inasmuch as l would love that she abstains, l still respect the fact that she knows what’s in for her, from STDs to unwanted pregnancies.

A child that is well equipped with information and knowledge will hardly go off and if they do, your mind will be at rest, knowing that you do not have to worry about unwanted pregnancies and the most dreadful, STDs.

See, take it from me, your child knows better than you do. Your child will be wiser than all your wisdom combined while you were growing up. This is another generation all put together.

They have everything in place to expose them from computers to better smart phones. Wisdom begins with them, trust me.

The worst thing you will be doing to them is to think they don’t know about Contraceptives and never talk about sex and safe sex.

Virginity is cool. Abstinence is super cool. But equipping them with the necessary knowledge on safe sex, Contraceptives, prevention and protection is WISDOM!

Be guided.

( c) Ekonyohe Daniels

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