How Is Sugar Cane Useful To The Body?

Sugar Cane reduces bad breath , relieves constipation, has got antioxidants which helps build immunity, help reduce fatigue, strengthens your liver.

it helps reduce urinary tract infection and helps with proper functioning of the kidney.

Some even say it helps with weight loss. We are blessed with this fruit, aren’t we?

It boost immunity,

It helps in weight loss,

It detoxifies the liver

It prevents halitosis and tooth decay

It helps in boosting insulin

and most of all, it gives energy.

It is rich in minerals and vitamins which helps to build up immunity. It also stabilizes blood sugar levels, prevents cancer, reduces fever, purifies kidneys and rejuvenate some body organs like the brain and eyes.

It reduces cholesterol,improve immune system,prevent tooth decay,prevent prostate cancer and breast cancer, cure flu and sore throat.

Sugar cane juice is rich in iron, magnesium, calcium and other electrolytes so it’s great for dehydration

It helps cure the common cold and other infections and also fight fever as it boosts the body’s protein levels.

Even though sugar cane juice tastes very sweet and has high sugar content, it is good for diabetic patients. It contains natural sugar which has low glycemic index that prevents steep rise in blood glucose levels in diabetics, so it can act as a substitute for aerated drinks for them.

Sugar cane helps to cure depression and anxiety.

For Typhoid fever,eat sugar cane first thing in the morning on empty stomach, to your satisfaction & say good bye to typhoid.

How Can I Blend It?

Remove the unwanted parts as in the back, cut the remaining into pieces,  put in juicer or blender and blend and. Finally sieve the water out that’s the juice. Sugar Cane water is also good for exfoliating…massage all over the body, leave for 15mins and take a warm shower.

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