How To Know If He Or She Will Be An Abusive Person In Future

One of the fundamental tool of an abusive person is ” control” and ” emotional black mail” .
He wants to know who you’re with , where you’re going , what you’re doing all the time , and hey it’s not bad for your partner to care about all these things but there is a huge line between real concern and obsession .
An abusive person would never take the fall for his actions , instead he would blame you .
How To Know If He Or She Will Be An Abusive Person In Future
An abusive person would want to isolate you from your friends and at the same time control your circle , very soon you would have no one to run to because he has alienated you from your loved ones .
An abusive person would knowingly abuse you and emotionally blackmail you by making you feel at fault , ( This is where the madness starts) you will begin to second guess and doubt yourself .

An abusive person is a narcissist , he or she only thinks about how they feel disregarding your concerns totally , ” it’s all about them” .

Verbal and emotional abuse first starts before physical confrontation manifests and when an abusive person abuses you physically , HE/ SHE WILL NEVER STOP .
An abusive person “Doesn’t love you” he / she seeks control and wants to possess you because that’s what satisfies the fragile ego they have .
An abusive person will never change because it is who they are , no prayer can help them .
It is more of a psychological and behavioral pattern , the only thing they can do is to be with someone who is willing to be extremely submissive to the point of being a doormat to their demands , someone without a personality , e.g a dog or a human fool .
They cut you off your friends and family and they are very very possessive.
How you know if any man is an abuser is “watch how he treats his sisters” and even his mom. If he is easily provoked when his sisters or mom offends him, he cannot change when you are involved. They are his blood and you are not! If he can easily slap his sister without feeling anyhow, then he will not just slap You, but beat you! How does he speak to people around him example laundry men, sales girls, fuel pump attendants etc. Once he has raised his hands once, it will continue.
This is how it starts..
He slaps you and says sorry..
He slaps you again and again and buys you gifts..
He uses his belts and blames the devil
He extends to punch and promises it’s the last time..
He applies all the above and then later goes on his knees..
Las Las,he’ll kee you and blames personality disorder..
So watch out for this signs and know when to run as fast as your legs can carry you without looking back.

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