How To Know If You Are Dating A Yahoo Plus Guy

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As we approach the Yuletide, a lot of celebration is going to unfold around you, a lot of people especially my Igbo friends will find a way to the east, a time to rest from their shops and businesses. This is the time of danger and most of this danger will come from the ones around us.

Have you heard guys now pick panties and sell at N200,000 in Nigeria? Ever wondered who they sell these to? Its yahoo plus guys they sell these to.

On this post today, I won’t waste time, I’ll talk about the signs that’ll help you identify a yahoo plus guy.

Firstly, I’ll like to make it clear that this post is entirely about Yahoo plus guys and should provide a kind of insight on how they leave their life.

How to know a yahoo guy

In order to be able to know a yahoo guy, you must observe a few things, actions he takes.
Let’s see some of these:

1. Yahoo guys Lie a lot

Yahoo guys lie a great lot. This lies start from the moment you ask how they got their cash, their millions, cars, etc.
Truth is they do no work other than scamming gullible people via social media. A yahoo guy lied to get his money, he will lie to you even while spending it with you and will continue to lie no matter what

2. Watch Their Social Media Lifestyle

On social media, yahoo boys show off. They show off their latest clothes, cars, phones, they showoff how they poured some Champagne on a stripper at the club a night before.

If you really want to know if your friend or boyfriend is a yahoo guy, watch his social media page, you’ll see these if he’s one of them

3. They’re Rick, But Their Parents Suffer

To me, I find no reason why I should enjoy while my parents who suffered to bring me up groan and die of poverty.
Well this is another thing about yahoo boys.

They switch hotels, live in high profile and well furnished apartments. They ride big cars, wear gold… Name it.

But when you get to their roots, you find out their parents still wallows in nothing but abject poverty.

If you find this sign. Quickly know you’re in love with a yahoo boy.

4. Death is Better than Being Broke Mentality

This is majorly for Yahoo plus guys. They did one diabolic thing to make their cash, they will continue to do same to get more cash and this could mean doing things that are strange including human sacrifice.

If you’re with a guy who spends big cash, buys expensive clothes, only cares about eating, sleep with girls and nothing more, then he’s either a yahoo guy or there is a plus attached to his version of yahoo.

A yahoo plus guy believe its either wealth or death and that’s it for him. That’s his mentality!

5. You Notice They Always Mention Baba

If your boyfriend always calls to speak to one Baba, I mean he’ll always call to seek for clarification, asking strange questions, always shocked while speaking to this certain Baba, then he’s a yahoo plus guy. The man he’s calling bestowed  money making powers on him. There are no 2 ways about that my dear. He in to Yahoo Plus.

6. An Average Yahoo Plus Guy is Very Wasteful

Have you ever wondered how he spends like there is a bucket or tree of money somewhere?

Which legitimate hustler would waste 2 million Naira per night on wines only?

Ever thought about that? OK, which legitimate hustler would always want to spend countless nights in that expensive hotel in the city?

I your answer to the above is “None”, then you’re chilling with a yahoo plus guy. Just watch it and be careful around him.

7. Yahoo Plus Guys are Chronic Womanizers!

This is another sign that helps you identify a yahoo plus guy.

To be simple about this point, no yahoo guy is happy sleeping alone at night. They just love to have ladies by their side, they spend heavily on these ladies.

Which legitimate business man would spend his night in an expensive hotel along side 4 ladies and a number of expensive drinks?

Ever wondered?

Well. These are a few signs that shows you may just be dating a yahoo plus guy.

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