How To Know If You Are Dealing With A Time Waster

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The truth is that when dealing with a time waster, even thou some people can be so smart, sometimes the signs are always there but some people tend to over look it and some women tend to become too desperate and hold on unto a dead relationship.

For me personally, the best is to always ask directly but if you feel he is capable of raising a family, has a good source of income, a good house, mentally ready etc and he isn’t making any move then it is time to ask some questions whether direct or indirect.

Dealing With Time WastersAnother question is, what move is he making to see your family?and not just that, is he backing it up with every form of seriousness/ better still ask him or you spread your tent wide.

Also check his attitude towards you, the way he talks to you, the way he treats you. is he making future plans with you or are you just his bed mate?  what about your own dreams and aspiration, does he show concern? if after answering all this question and your answer is NO then it is time to move on and give another person a chance.

Time Wasters are not only those that haven’t popped the question, Time Wasters, can be found in marriages where you marry someone who wastes your entire existence.

The question is how do you feel and when you think about your relationship with the person,have you progressed or you are in the same place where you were at when they met you? Answer all this questions within you and take a decision now. The ball is in your court.


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