Is Kegite Club A Cult Group Or A Sociocultural Club?

Kegite A Sociocultural Club?

Kegite club is a group where we promote the African culture,We don’t fight,kill,back bite, we just enjoy ourselves tru good gyrations and holy water plus we like comradic enjoyment.

Its a sociocultural club where okpekes and okpakas conglomerate to gyrate and promote the African heritage through songs and dances while sipping d ‘holy water’, walking and never stumbling. Always karid!!!

Pictures Of Kegite Club Members
Pictures Of Kegite Club Members

Kegite Club is a social cultural group with the aim of promoting Africa culture. It is duly registered and recognized in all institutions in Nigeria and abroad. They does all their activities openly. It has nothing to do with secret cult. Though there are some members of kegite club who are also members of secret cult.

When it was founded in 1962 in university of Ife it was known as palm wine drunkards club and later change to kegite club not keghite club.

Photos Of Kegite Club Activities
Kegite Club Members

A social group with fragments of different cult groups. Invariably it’s a conglomerate of cult groups. Though united on a common front, which is music, dance and palm wine

Kegites Club is not a Secret Cult. It’s a socio-cultural Club which promotes African culture. It bring students together under one umbrella, no matter your belief. 

There’s no association in the higher institution that you won’t see a bad egg. Religious organisations, other social clubs, cultural groups, name them. 

When it comes to Kegites, they are not exceptional. But the reason why so many person especially, the holier than thou choose to talk bad about the club is the unique way of greeting as well as the language.

Kegites activities are done in the open and in the school premises. They are registered with the students affairs and renewal is been done yearly. 

It had stood the test of time as it was founded since 1962 and still always wax stronger in various higher institutions not minding the misconception from various individuals. 

Kegite Members
Kegite Members

Since the establishment of the kegite association,it has been an interesting,educative,supportive and fundamental. a group where you laugh away your sorrows and embrace the good fortune of life.

A group where respect for basic human rights is not violated and a group where people from different perspectives relate like families. And lots more!!!!!


1. Kegite is a social club.

2. It is not a secret club so we don’t accept

3. Any member found in any cultism activities
shall be deluged and hand over to school

4. No member of kegite club is allowed to put
on beads to gyration ground except the

5. An entity does not get drunk.

6. No member is allowed to liberate any body
except the chiefo. • It must get up to 8 years
before any ilya can be given a chiefo.

7. Be your brothers and sisters keeper.

8. No one must destroy poison while wearing
regalia or any comradic materials and an
attempt to such attract delegation.

9. Using the emblem as a tumbler for poison
is heavy offence liable for instant delegation.

10. During gyration no one should be found in
a poison house, any comrade seen in such
place will be penalized.

11. Regalia must not be put on during firiky .

12. Do not drink anything other than holy
water in gyrosphere.

13. Do not smoke anything near the

14. Do not wear artificial capito to the

15. Do not shine any animal.

16. Do not be a member of any secret cult.

17. Always respect your leaders.

18. Do not fight even it is sinful to fight with
your fellow karid man.

19. When you see your chief, shine and bend
down your coconut.

20. You shall not spit
while you are on gyration ground an attempt
lead to instant delegation.

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