Marriage For Us Is TeamWork

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I got married to my course mate and we started with nothing perse. But before we took the level to marriage,we had to plan and save to some extent.

Marriage for us is teamwork.

In my home,there is no man or woman thing..Any of us can choose to do what has to be done while the other is also busy.
There are times I am outside washing the car while husbandman is doing the laundry or preparing breakfast.
Sometimes he buys foodstuffs and I cook.
Sometimes he cooks and I sit down in the kitchen while we gist together to keep the ministry moving.
He baths the kids sometimes and sometimes I do.
When we are done eating sometimes,he does the clearing and washes off the dishes while I put the kids to sleep.
He clears the grasses sometimes while I service the generators.
Sometimes he services the generator while I bath the dogs.
Sometimes we take breakfast in the car,sometimes in a resturant if we both have had a very stressful day.

We chat like we own the even when we are not far from each other.
We are very open to our suggestions on every area of life and we take our spiritual life seriously too.

Our starting foundation was not based on sex or money but a deep mindset about family,companionship and true love.
We both are serious minded fellows and disciplined.
We also understand the place of apology.

We have our not too lovey dovey days but what we share outweighs such times and we move again.

In a nutshell,
Marriage is beautiful when you both understand teamwork and the statement “Do unto others what you would have to you”
Marriage is all about giving the other what you want them to give you.
You want love,give love.
You want respect? Give respect.
You want help? Give help.
You want peace,give peace.
You want transparency? Give it.

Live and let the other live too.
Remove self and be selfless and always put the feelings of your partner into consideration when doing things.

Marriage is TEAMWORK and totally following the manuscript of the marriage founder.
Man submits wholeheartedly to Jesus and love his wife.
Wife submits wholeheartedly to Jesus and submission comes easily because she is being loved and their children then walk in their footsteps.

Marriage is beautiful and it requires HARDWORK,SMARTWORK PLUS TEAMWORK.
What you give is what you get.
If you water your flowers,it will blossom..if you dont,it will die.

No one in marriage does the other a favour by marrying them. It is important to a man just as it is to his woman.

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