Marriage Nuggets For A Peaceful Home

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In our todays Marriage Nuggets. couples should Make each other a priority at all times.

  1. Mind your words to each other no matter how hot tempered. Abusive words are cancerous cells in any relationship, the impact may not be visible but before you realize it, one in the divide becomes emotionally far and apart from each other. 
  2. Self Centeredness is a killer… Sensitivity is vital…
  3. Grow tolerance and patience… Mutual Respect is the key…
  4. Always give room for doubts,  assumption wrecks.
  5. Romance must remain a spark in the union.. never allow it go extinct in your marriage.
  6. Commitment is very vital. mutual commitment births progress. its a fusion of dreams.
  7. Friendship remains pivotal. grow it and be each others Buddie, it helps.
  8. Dont leave apologies to only one party. always apologise when you are wrong.
  9. You bless your marriage when you are quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger.
  10. Make your spouse feel loved by always complementing them when they do good, put on nice outfit etc
  11. Always create beautiful and lovely memories together
  12. Never be tempted to physically abuse your spouse, no one beats itself, remember in marriage, you are one.
  13. Always share a marital vision and dreams, nurture and pursue it together,mutual dreams can be binding.
  14. Marriage Nuggets, marriage is a journey. there are hiccups along the way, carefully and subtly manage it.

Finally in our Marriage Nuggets for today, No two marriage has the same ingredients, so recipes cannot be cloned. learn what makes your marriage work but above all, know what works for your marriage.

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