Space In Marriage A Good Or A Bad Idea?

Space In Relationship And Marriage. Space is allowing the fellow his independent mind and sanity and not fuss certain pressure down his or her throat. The problem is once people hear space ,they think is allow him or her space to double date…. Crap!!!! Allowing spousal space enhances the development of individual capacity…which adversely tilts

What Are The Red Flags And Likely Things To Discuss In Courtship?

Red Flags And Likely Things To Discuss In Courtship? Never Underestimate The Importance of COURTSHIP Before Marriage, Otherwise you and your partner might end up not being compatible. Likely Things To Discuss In Courtship. Discuss finances (expectations and non-negotiables)   Sex (sexual preferences, dos and don’ts)   Children (to start immediately or not, how many

Marriage Nuggets For A Peaceful Home

In our todays Marriage Nuggets. couples should Make each other a priority at all times. Mind your words to each other no matter how hot tempered. Abusive words are cancerous cells in any relationship, the impact may not be visible but before you realize it, one in the divide becomes emotionally far and apart from each