Passionate Parenting Is A Goal

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Passionate Parenting

How desirous are you, trying to ensure your kids do not repeat the same mistakes you made? Oh yes!!!

How often do you seat all by yourself and reflect on your past? Have you tried recognizing where you got it wrong? How you got it wrong? And what you got wrong in your sojourn of life?

Its tantamount to historical blunder if we do not take excerpts of these facts and work with them while embarking on the journey of parenting. Oh yes!!!

We may have made our mistakes at different stages of our lives in different spheres, but what remains fundamental is the ability to have understood our mistakes ,take the lessons and experiences associated with it and keep them handy while sailing on life cruise.

As parents ,we must stay alert, attentive,proactive and curious of our kids and their affiliations so as to guide them with all pragmatism, strategic criticisms, positive mentorship, optimistic motivation via our counsels and stories of personal life shared devoid of bias and self appraisal…,

Passionate parenting is a goal… Oh yes!!
Build that friendship platform and use it as a tabloid very reliable… Watch out for those steps that earned you regrets in life around your kids and strive to guide them right.

Never be ashamed to share your personal life tales with your kids at every stage of their lives as it was in yours at that stage….

Anyone that does not make good use of history…. History will repeat itself…stay guided always.


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