Space In Marriage A Good Or A Bad Idea?

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Space In Relationship And Marriage.

Space is allowing the fellow his independent mind and sanity and not fuss certain pressure down his or her throat. The problem is once people hear space ,they think is allow him or her space to double date…. Crap!!!! Allowing spousal space enhances the development of individual capacity…which adversely tilts towards fulfillment in the union. Sometimes ….
A marriage may be one that have agreed that no visitor in the house … And someday you got home and saw your hubby’s relative home. You don’t get worked up with sentiments of we agreed no visitor .. You allow him that space and believe he must have a superior reason for taking up that route while being a great host.
Stalking is one habit that wrecks every union…. Even when mothers try to stalk on their kids .. Majority of the times… It yields rebellious results. it means please allow me breathe… Just some little privacy… Little QUIET.. Not a BREAK UP as many think…Space to socialize with friends, space to actualize potentials.
Sometimes it’s psychological space that people need, to enable them clear their head, mind and heart. I hear some people saying ‘SPACE’ means break up. Well, that is not applicable to all. Sometimes people may be having challenges or fighting a demon that is trying to overwhelm them, and all they may need is little space alone. Away from nagging, complaints or demand for attention they don’t have to give at the moment.
If you understand your partner very well you may actually not have a problem with that. The space they are asking for is not for you to leave them alone, but your understanding and patience to allow them put themselves together. People are different and we have different ways of overcoming challenges and difficulties.
Sometimes asking for space in a relationship or marriage means one is tired or fed up about everything in that union probably lack of joy, happiness, satisfaction and peace of mind. sometimes when such statement is made in a relationship or marriage, it is over.

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