The Causes Of Moral Decadence Among Children Of This Generation

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Lack of parental upbringing is the cause of Moral Decadence in our societies today. People always blame technology over things that could have been prevented by parents,it is your duty as a parent to monitor the type programme your children are seeing in television.
Dstv for instance have parental control, block the channels that are not good for your children. Some parents these days are raising their children the way the society is going that is society standard,stop buying phones with Internets for your children that are not up to eighteen years instead of buying phones for them get computer for them and you can monitor what it is being used for.

Some parents don’t even know the type of company their children are keeping.

As a parent, you need to know your children’s friends and the type of parents they have. You must not necessarily be friends with those parents but you need to know them for your children’s safety. If your children are keeping friends with children that are not being raised well there’s a probability of corrupting your children, remember bad company corrupts good manners.
As a parent what are you inculcating in your children,on whose standard are you raising your children? Bible says that we should train up a child in the way he should go and he is old he will not depart from it. Whatever you are sowing in your children now is what they will turn out in future, you cannot be raising a nuisance and expect them to be useful in future.
As a parent what are you sending to the society? Are you raising blessings or sorrow for the society? What are you bringing into the society? Even in your busy schedule, don’t be too busy that you will not have time to nurture the beautiful gifts God gave to you.  Create time for your children because we will surely give account of how we raise these precious seeds God gave to us.
Are you the type of parents that show love to some of your children while you neglect some? You don’t know the damages you are creating for yourself in future,show love to all your children. Don’t create enmity between your children because those ones you are neglecting will end up hating the other ones for no reason.
Be a good example to your children because children learn by imitation.
Morals and Manners are two ingredients every society must have. Morals are guided by how much we respect ourselves and our manners towards others are guided by how much we respect them. Unfortunately, the decadence in morals in our society is at high risk. People no longer have self respect for themselves any more.  To have a better society, our morals and manners shouldn’t be questionable.
Written by Obianefo Princess Nnaemeka,

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