The Discordant Tunes Of Left Handed People

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Many parents get worried when they have kids who grow up to use the left hand more often especially because 90% of kids use their right hands more than the left

In the 80s and 90s many parents struggle with the gift of the left Hand children

While some tried to force their kids to change others were practically going from one church to the other to pray about the curse they thought came with their kid

A deeper understanding of what children who have dominated left hand use are designed to be is best explained by God

Researchers have failed to come up with meaning to the 10% of left hand kids we have in today’s world

Usually, many people attribute dull children to left hand use but in my case I have seen so many bright kids with left hand use (skill and writing) that are so intelligent

My Boss is a left handed personality and he’s very intelligent

My Elder brother was also designed for left handedness until he was forced to change by my parents and this affected his academic performance due to a slight change in the hemispheres of the brain

Disadvantages of left handedness.

Writing runs from left to right. A left-handed person has to ‘crab’ their hand in order to write without smudging the ink. Left-handed children learning to write often write back to front (‘mirror’ writing).
This is a natural inclination, not a sign of dyslexia, and will resolve given time, practice and encouragement. Instruments such as scissors are designed for use with the right hand. Tools such as circular saws can be dangerous if operated with the left rather than the right hand.
Some research has suggested that learning difficulties, epilepsy and autism are more common in left-handed people. However,
other researchers have been unable to confirm these findings and current knowledge suggests that handedness is not associated with learning disabilities.

Advantages of left handedness.

Being left-handed also has its perks, including:

Left-handed people are at an advantage in a wide range of sports, from fencing to boxing.

The sporting advantage also includes taking the right-handed opponent by surprise, because right-handed athletes aren’t used to playing against left-handed opponents.

It encourages the child to use Gods designed gifts independently

Many parents have often times forced their kids against the physical design created by God especially for the female child.

Parents feel a female child who is left handed may find it extremely difficult to get a spouse

So the child is put on unnecessary pressure to be perfect like others causing a lot of mental problems ranging from poor concentration to thinking abilities

For us to strive as better sets of parents we must understand the gifts children come with and respect them

The left handedness is not a curse but a blessing which so many parents should be proud of.

My neighbour was sad about the fact that her 6 years old daughter is left handed

She abuses the child and always compares the child with her older siblings this has led to her poor performance in school

One day, I met the woman stating obviously that her(female child)
education is a waste

I sat the lady and schooled her on the importance of the left handedness and the blessings therein

Furthermore,explained that with care she could be one of the most intelligent and focus driven personality she can ever dream

2 years later, she became one of the most intelligent student in her class and the mum bought a wine for me and my family in appreciation.

Let’s embrace the power of the left hand kids for they are rare and some are geniuses in disguise

Have a blessed week

Altraide Emmanuel

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