Three Things I Actually Fear More Than Death

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Three things I actually fear more than death;

* Poverty, not for any other reason but for the sake of my children.

Working in my old age or retirement age due to lack of financial security and/or investments.

* Dying without really living. That is, going through life without a sense of purpose and direction.

Folks, I fear those 3 possibilities more than death itself. You want to know why? Because,

Dead people don’t feel pain.
Dead people don’t have regrets.
Dead people don’t pursue happiness.

The living do.

Death is not the enemy. In a way, death is rest. That’s why some disturbed people, howbeit ignorantly, commit suicide. They want eternal peace within themselves and in order to shut down the pain, regrets and unhappiness they choose the foolish but fastest means to it; death!

But death is not a solution. It is an escape. A cowardly escape. I have digressed.

My point is that there are things NOW in my life I dread more than death. Things that make you a living corpse. If you know, you know.


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