What Are The Red Flags And Likely Things To Discuss In Courtship?

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Red Flags And Likely Things To Discuss In Courtship?

Never Underestimate The Importance of COURTSHIP Before Marriage, Otherwise you and your partner might end up not being compatible.

Likely Things To Discuss In Courtship.

Discuss finances (expectations and non-negotiables)
Sex (sexual preferences, dos and don’ts)
Children (to start immediately or not, how many etc)
Career (expectations and non-negotiables )

In Courtship ask if Decision making (will it be joint and the better idea take irrespective of who’s it is or it must be Husband man must have the final say )

 Social Life (know if he or she wants a hermit or not)
Talk about the future (check if he /she is ambitious, the level and how far they will go to achieve it), what they think about saving and joint ventures, investments etc. Many of our parents married rich but lacked the foresight to invest properly thus launching their families into deep poverty when things went south and had i know set in.
Talk about who they believe is closest to them. Their families or spouses? Issues of people using their parents and siblings as next of kin/beneficiaries abound while they have spouses and even children.
Find out what they think about family especially their spouse’s . Very important.
Talk about chores. Is it supposed to be done jointly or one party is expected to do it all. If the later is the case, find out why? Can you cope?
Act up at times to know how they handle their temper or situations that are tensed. Do they resort to dialog or otherwise. To avoid stories that touch tomorrow.
Discuss each other’s family. How they see their family could give you an insight of what they think about family.
Eheeee…..ask what they think about rape, infidelity and pedophilia. VERY IMPORTANTER. Watch out for potential rapists and abusers. E no dey show for face
Finance, how and where to channel it and the kind of account that should be operated; individual or joint account.
Then secondary, the number of children that is expected in future, planning of their education and investment that should be made towards it; to open a kiddies account for them or to insure their education via insurance policies.
Then relatives and the partner’s parents and siblings, and knowing their positions, boundaries and involvement in the affairs. Anyway what should be discussed are enormous but I think this one is paramount.
Temperament must be reviewed, likes and dislikes.
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